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questions about brian may guitars

not much going on here. hope others join who dig on bm. i bought a bm on ebay this last year. i have some questions about it. anyone out there with answers?
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Hi. What sort of BM did you get? I don't have a lot of answers, just the guitar. But I might be able to find some answers for you. I know a couple of real aficionados who I will have to turn on to this forum.
hi. that was fast. i got a sunburst burns brian may. it looks like that one brian is holding on the handcraft guitar burns page ( i have a lot of questions. the most important one right now is about my pickups. i couldn't get all the switches to work right so i thought maybe the wiring was messed up. a friend of mine helped me take the guitar apart and he checked the bridge pickup with a meter and told me it was dead. do you know where i can get a pickup to replace it? the other thing is that my friend told me that brian rewound his trisonics. is that something i could do or would i need to take it to somebody who repairs guitars? should i rewind all of them? how did brian wind his pu's? my friend tried to get mine apart by using a soldering iron on the solder but the wax started dripping so i told him to stop. then he tried cutting through the solder but he was cutting into the cover so we stopped doing that too. how do you get the cover off? i have more questions but i need to go to class. thanks.
Hi "brianmayguitars"; I have some answers for you, but I'll need to wait until morning. Just wanted you to know that help is on the way. :)

For now: 1. Usually you have to buy the TriSonics in a set of three, but I think I know where you can get a single. 2. I've heard that Brian rewound his TriSonics; I'll check on that and let you know. 3. Details on removing the cover will follow (hold off on any more soldering or cutting for now).
cool. i looked at your link and the readings for the trisonics are different than mine so i guess your write about the rewind. thanks to guitarjet for the info about the wind as well. i emailed handcraftguitars and they have a single they'd sell me . . . i'm thinking if i have enough money maybe i'll just send all my pus to hc guitars to have them rewound like bm's. thanks again, dude.
Hi. I know HandCraft Guitars has a limited number of singles that they will sell; you might check there. I've also heard that Brian either rewound his TriSonics or had them rewound. An interesting place to check for more information about that would be Andrew Guyton's website; he's made a replica of Brian's guitar. Here's the link:

The Guyton guitars look like they are as close as you can get to Brian's guitar; the only problem is the price range. The Burns guitars are a pretty inexpensive and yet high-quality instrument. I haven't played a Dillion, but I've heard they aren't very good. Then there's the Guild Brian May, which is a nice guitar, but again, somewhat pricey. Here's a link to the Guild guitar: I'm sure you can find more links if you do a Google search.

Both unsoldering and cutting through the solder on the Trisonics pose a problem. I'll defer the solution to Anonymous (same Anonymous as above?) for now. If you unsolder, you must be careful about the heat--also, keep in mind that these Trisonics seem to be entirely bathed in wax (it's all over the bottom of the pickup). If you cut through, you'll need a very small blade on a Dremel--you don't want to cut through your cover or into the pickup. I'll leave it at that for now and see if someone else can provide you with more precise details.

You can build your own pickup winder, but results will vary. You need a lot of patience. Rewinds are often best left to someone with a winder. You might want to check out and look at their winders, wire, other pickup parts.

Best, MG
Handcraft is a great place for any kind of parts for all Burns. As to the pups, I know of a chap in the UK who specializes in the "Brian May" wrap. I don't know if it's anything so special that you couldn't have handcraft or someone else do it, but the "hype" is that it's a special winding that not everyone knows how to do. I don't know, but I will get the connection for you so you have it on hand. Back at you soon.

I'm certainly interested in that wrap. Do you think he'd reveal the magical ingredients?
By the way, I have a sunburst as well. For now, anyway. I want a gold one real bad.

Mind you, I know nothing about this stuff. That's why I try to have knowledgeable friends. This is the answer I got about the winding:

Well, the guy that modified my Burns Trisonic Pickups is called Adrian Turner, and his company is called ADESON. This is his address: . If you can provide him with existing Burns Trisonics, the price will be lower. He then takes out the electronics and rewinds them, pots them and waxes them according to the way in the '60's. If you don't provide him with existing pickups, he'll make the complete set: Be careful the covers do NOT have the Burns Trisonic logo's on them and are a bit different in shape. That is out of copyright reasons I believe. The price for mine was I think 150 dollars or something, not expensive at all, but I sent him my Kent Armstrong Trisonic pickups!

That would be one place to try, anyway. You might want to ask him ahead of time about the logo thing. I'm not sure why that would be. Good luck, and let us know if you get anywhere.
Cool. Thanks for the info. I'll email old wet gilbert. :)
did wet gilbert reply? maybe i'll emal him too.
i wonder if this dude just winds them like the 60s or winds them like brian mays. $150 seems steep to me but i don't know what goes into winding except what my friend told me about using a hand drill at a certain rpm and such. i was hoping not to spend that much money. how much does a new trisonic cost? i saw set of three on ebay for like under $100 but i haven't checked lately to see if they are still there. hey check this out:

some cat on ebay is selling kend armstrong trisonics for $50 each; that seems better than sending that other dude a pickup and having it rewound. or are these the kend armstrongs that were sent to the dude and then he rewinds them even more different? what exactly goes into winding and what makes all the difference? is it the wire itself the number of windings how tight the stuff is or what?

does hc gutiars carry kent armstrong trisonics? could he give me a discount or something as a member of this community? ---pretty please
The Adeson pickups are the the real thing! They are absolutely fantastic and are exactly according to Brian May's. Problem with the Kent Armstrong pickups is that they are MODERN Burns Trisonics, not Trisonics from the days Brian May had them.


hi laurens,

thanks for the info about the adeson pickups. i'll give them a look.


great website! thanks for sharing.

i wonder if the members of the brian may bb know about the magic ingredients . . . that might be a good place to ask the question.
thanks again. ive gotten behind on my email we only have a dialup at home so i use the library school and friends connections.